SMC 3.0 fixes

Configuration of SN firewalls

Inaccessible audit logs

Support references 79393 and 80772

On some versions of SN firewalls, access to audit logs would occasionally fail during connections to the firewall via the SMC server. This issue has been fixed.

Network configuration via USB key impossible

Support reference 79258

Due to a missing section in the connecting package, USB keys could not be used to load the network configuration on firewalls in factory configuration. The section has been added and USB keys can now be used.

Initialization of the SMC server

Ambiguous parameter

Support reference 82014

The DNS configuration (leave blank if no DNS) parameter requested whenever the SMC server is initialized manually, has been changed to DNS server IPs (comma separator or leave blank if no DNS) to remove any ambiguity.


Time zone not saved

Support reference: 80779

The set time zone is now saved after SMC is updated.

Loss of scripts

Support reference: 71885

Scripts that automatically run when a network interface on the SMC host system is enabled are now saved after updates.

Ambiguous error message

Support reference: 0081991

When there are issues restoring the server from a backup, the ambiguous error message that appears has been changed to more clearly indicate the cause of the error.

Filter and NAT rules

Importing rules

Support reference: 79314

When filter rules were imported from a CSV file, the "!" operator (NOT) would be ignored. This issue has been fixed, and fields are now imported with this operator taken into account.

Support references: 78561 and 79308

Rules containing the value "any" in a #nat_to_target field in the CSV file could not be imported because this value is prohibited. The value of this field is now automatically set to "none” and the import no longer fails.

Support reference: 80828

Filter and NAT rules containing domain names can now be imported.

Support reference: 80590

Rules can now be imported through a CSV file containing some IPRep categories that were previously missing.

Adaptation of protocol name

Support reference 82222

In filter rules, the "ldap" protocol has been renamed "ldap_tcp" to maintain consistency between SNS and SMC.

Error during copy and paste

Support reference: 78373

In the filter and NAT rule window, copying and pasting text contained in the search field now pastes only the text without duplicating the highlighted rule.


Frequently encountered errors

Support reference: 81714

Errors regarding the connection to the serial port were displayed every five minutes. This issue has been fixed.