Deploying .qcow2 files in the KVM virtual environment

The smc-x.x.x-kvm.tar.gz archive contains two .qcow files:

  • smc-system.qcow2,
  • product-data.qcow2.

Deploy the .qcow2 files in the following virtual environment:

  • Red Hat 7.9.

  1. In the virt-manager tool, select the KVM hypervisor.
  2. Create a new virtual machine and follow the steps shown in the wizard.
    • Select Import existing disk image and select the smc-system.qcow2 file.
    • Allocate at least 4 GB of memory and select the number of CPU (2 minimum).
  3. Finish the creation of the new virtual machine.
  4. Open the parameters of this machine and go to the Add Hardware menu.
  5. Click on Storage, and select Select or create custom storage. Select the product-data.qcow2 file.
  6. Confirm, then log on to the machine.