Ending the SMC server initialization

You are now connected to the SMC server from a web browser for the first time. To complete the last steps of the SMC server initialization, use the SMC server initialization wizard.

  1. Select the manual initialization mode.
    SMC server initialization wizard
  2. Select the web interface language. The default language is your browser's language. If the browser's language is other than English or French, the default language is English.
  3. Select the keyboard language used when you connect to the SMC server in command line,
  4. Select a static or dynamic IP address for the SMC server.
  5. Specify the password of the “admin” user, the main administrator of the web interface. The password must be at least eight characters long.
  6. Click on Apply. This completes initialization.
  7. Connect to the SMC server web interface with the "admin" user and password specified at step 5 of this procedure. Your SMC server is now initialized. Learn how to administer firewalls and maintain the server in the Stormshield Network Security Administration guide.