Searching for a rule in the web interface or in SNS logs

The SMC server automatically assigns a unique ID to each filter and translation rule created. This ID or rule "name" will be shown in the SMC web interface, and in the web interface and logs of the relevant firewall whenever the rule is deployed. The default name can be changed in the rule's properties.

The rule name makes it easier to identify the rule when you are searching for it in SNS logs, or in the rule panel in the firewall's or SMC server's interface.

To find out the name of a rule in SMC:

  1. Go to the filter and translation rule panel of a firewall or a folder,
  2. Scroll over any column title with the mouse,
  3. Click on the black arrow that appears,
  4. Scroll over the Columns menu,
  5. Select the Name column.

- or -

  1. Double click on a rule to show its properties,
  2. Display the General tab.
  3. In Advanced properties, you can copy the name of the rule to perform a search in the SNS logs or in the firewall interface.