Exporting rules to a CSV file

You only need read privileges to export rules.

  1. In Configuration > Firewalls and Folders, browse until you reach the level of the folder or the firewall from which you want to export rules.
  2. Open the Filtering and translation tab and select Filter rules or NAT rules tab. Both types of rules can be exported from either tab and to the same CSV file. Rules are distinguished by type in the #type_slot column.
  3. Click on Export in the toolbar.
  4. Save the CSV file.

When rules are exported from a folder, only the rules found in the folder are exported, not the rules in parent folders. The #smc_folder_prio column in the file indicates the priority of the rule.

When rules are exported from a firewall (in SMC), the entire policy is exported – the rules of the firewall and its parent folders. The #folder column in the file shows the name of the folder that contains each rule. The #ruleid and #rankid columns indicate the number that identifies the rule in the policy and its position in a folder. For more information, refer to the section Identifying the rules.

If your security policy contains rule sets, they will be converted to separators followed by their rules in the CSV export file.