Defining the SMC server's network interfaces

In your hypervisor, you can define several interfaces on various networks for the SMC server. IPv6 addresses are not supported.

These interfaces can be seen in the Maintenance > SMC Server > Parameters panel in the server's web administration interface and can be modified.

All interfaces except eth0 are disabled by default. You need to enable them in the Address range column in this panel and configure them.

The interface eth0 cannot be disabled.

Only one gateway can be defined for all the interfaces. This will be the default gateway, and must be located in the same sub-network as the corresponding interface.

The /etc/network/interfaces file accessible in command line contains information relating to the interfaces of the SMC server.

With regard to network topologies for which you need to configure static routes in addition to the default gateway, follow the procedure given in the Stormshield Knowledge base.