Creating variable objects

Variable objects are Host, Network and IP address range objects whose IPv4 or IPv6 addresses vary according to the firewall on which they have been installed.

  1. In the Objects menu, create a Host, Network or IP address range object.
  2. Fill in the IPv4 address or IPv6 address field with a %CUSTOM_X% variable. The value of this customized variable is defined in the Customized variables tab in the Edit firewall panel accessible by double clicking on the line of a firewall in monitoring view.
    • You can view the list of available variables by clicking on Manage global variables. Use the Copy to clipboard button to copy them to the desired field.
      Enter the address 10.1.%CUSTOM_IP%.0/24. If for a given firewall, the customized variable equals "1" in its parameters, the address will be for this firewall in the filter rule or in the VPN topology.

  3. Complete the creation of the object.

For more information on the customized variables, refer to the section Creating custom variables.