Verifying configuration consistency

The consistency checker is a tool that analyzes the consistency of your configuration in real time. In the lower panel of the SMC server web interface, it shows warnings and errors if it has detected any.

To show the consistency check:

  • Select Maintenance > Consistency check.

- or -

  • Open the lower panel of the screen by clicking on the black arrow at the bottom of the interface Arrow to show logs panel.

The consistency checker shows all warnings and errors affecting all firewalls. However, error analyses take priority over warning analyses. If a firewall reports at least one error, the analysis of warnings on this firewall will be canceled.

You can filter these warnings and errors by firewall or by inconsistency, or by entering a character string in the search field.

By clicking on certain items (filter or translation rules, objects, etc.), you can go straight to the panels or items in question.

The consistency checker also runs when configurations are deployed. However, only errors are checked; warnings are ignored. When an error is detected, the deployment will fail.