Connecting to the command line interface via SSH keys

For a transparent connection to the SMC command line interface via SSH, you can configure the use of SSH keys.

Prior to configuring this feature, you must generate a pair of SSH keys on your workstation.

Administrator SSH keys are saved in the folder /data/ssh in SMC.

To add an SSH key allowing you to connect to SMC:

  1. Ensure that you are able to access SMC via SSH in your profile. For more information, refer to the section Managing administrator privileges as super administrator.

  2. On your workstation, copy your public SSH key.

  3. Connect to SMC in SSH using your password.

  4. Create the file /data/ssh/authorized_key.<user-name-smc>. Replace <user-name-smc> with your ID as defined in your SMC profile.

  5. Paste your public key in the file that you have just created.

You are now ready to connect to SMC via SSH.