Implementing SD-WAN

SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) is a set of software features with which interconnected secure networks and multiple WAN links can be more easily managed.

One of the functional approaches in SD-WAN is its ability to automatically and transparently choose the network links to take depending on the traffic and its associated performance constraints, such as accepted latency, availability rate, etc.

SMC allows this feature to be used on SNS firewalls from version 4.3.3 and upwards.

To implement SD-WAN on SMC, create SLA (Software Level Agreement) objects that establish these commitment criteria, then use them in router objects. Set link monitoring criteria as well in router objects.

Next, create filter rules with these router objects to set up policy-based routing (PBR).

Create filter rules to optimize the selection of links for VoIP traffic.

For more information about the SD-WAN feature on SNS firewalls, refer to the technical note SD-WAN - Selecting the best network access.