Backing up the configuration of firewalls manually

You can also perform a one-off backup of the configuration of some or all of the firewalls in your pool.

  1. Go to the Maintenance > Backup menu on the left.
  2. In the Manual tab, enter a password if you wish to encrypt backups. The characters #, % and " are prohibited and the password must not exceed 255 characters.
  3. Click on Use the firewalls backup script.
  4. The SNS CLI scripts panel appears. The script to manually back up the firewall configuration is preloaded.
  5. Select the firewalls for which you wish to back up the configuration, then run the script.

For more information on scripts, please refer to the section Running the SNS CLI script from the web interface.

This manual backup does not include the configuration of the SMC server. To back up the configuration of the server, refer to the section Saving and restoring the SMC server configuration or enable automatic backups.