Importing rules from connected firewalls

To import rules from connected firewalls to the SMC server, the firewall must be in at least version 3.3.

This feature makes it possible to import rules from the firewall's global or local slot. In both cases, only the rules from the active slot will be imported.

If the rules reference objects from your SNS configuration that are not already in the SMC configuration, they will also be imported on the server.

  1. Go to Monitoring > Firewalls, and double click on the firewall.
  2. Open the Filtering and translation tab and select Filter rules or NAT rules tab. In both cases, both types of rules will be imported.
  3. Click on the arrow to the right of the Add button.
  4. Click on Import local filter and NAT rules or Import global filter and NAT rules.
  5. Follow the steps indicated.

At the end of the operation, the imported rules will be placed in a separator and are selected.

If the import via the web interface fails, you can import the rules in command line as indicated in the section Importing rules in command line. If errors occur, details will be provided.