Disabling Diffusion Restreinte mode on SMC and firewalls

The super administrator (admin account) can disable DR mode on the SMC server and connected firewalls.

This mode can only be disabled:

  • If all the firewalls are connected to the SMC server,

  • If the consistency checker no longer detects anomalies that would make the configuration incompatible with DR mode.

In high availability clusters, DR mode only needs to be disabled on the active node; it will be automatically disabled on the passive node.

To disable DR mode:

  1. Go to Maintenance > SMC Server > Settings tab > “ANSSI Diffusion Restreinte (DR)" mode.
  2. Disable "ANSSI Diffusion Restreinte (DR)" mode.
    When DR mode is disabled on the SMC server, an automatic deployment disables DR mode on the firewalls connected to the server.
  3. Immediately restart the firewalls manually.