Configuring the network and routing

In SMC, the interfaces and routes of your SNS firewalls can be managed centrally. Interfaces and routes already configured on firewalls are automatically retrieved in SMC. New interfaces and routes can be created and deployed on firewalls.

In SMC, the SD-WAN feature can also be implemented in your pool. This guarantees that the best links are selected according to the type of traffic, based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) criteria and monitoring options on gateways defined in router objects. Use such objects in filter rules to set up policy-based routing (PBR).

The Monitoring > Routers menu makes it possible to monitor in real time the quality of connections and the status of the gateways associated with router objects and deployed from SMC.

The configuration of interfaces and of routes in SMC is compatible with SNS firewalls in at least version 4.2.3 in read and write mode and in version 3.7 in read-only mode. The implementation of SD-WAN is compatible with SNS firewalls from version 4.3.3 upwards.

For more information on how to configure interfaces, routes and the SD-WAN feature, refer to the Stormshield Network User Configuration Manual.