Getting started

Welcome to the Stormshield Management Center installation guide version 2.8.2.

In the documentation, Stormshield Management Center is referred to in its short form: SMC and Stormshield Network in its short form: SN.

SMC server allows you to perform a centralized administration of SN firewalls.

From the SMC server 2.8.2 web interface, you can:

  • Administer firewalls,
  • Get a clear overview of all your firewalls,
  • Ensure consistent configurations,
  • Access the web administration interface of firewalls.

The SMC server is a virtual machine provided in the form of an .OVA archive file (Open Virtualization Archive) for VMware, .VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) for Microsoft Hyper-V or .qcow2 for KVM.

The SMC server 2.8.2 is compatible with Stormshield Network Security in at least version 2.5.0.

In order to install the SMC server, download the file smc-x.x.x.ova , the archive or the archive smc-x.x.x-kvm.tar.gz from your personal area MyStormshield.