Managing administrators in the web interface

Go to Maintenance > SMC Server > Administrators in the web administration interface to manage administrators. The panel displayed depends on whether you are connected to the server as the super administrator (“admin” user) or as another user.

There are three administrator profiles:

Profile Rights over administrators Rights over configuration
Super administrator Add/Remove/Edit Add/Remove/Edit/Deploy
Administrator with read/write access Modify personal password Add/Remove/Edit/Deploy
Administrator with read-only access Modify personal password Read only.

Several administrators can be connected to the web interface at the same time with read/write access. As such, changes made by any administrator will instantly appear on the screens of the other administrators, including items imported via CSV file. Refer to audit logs for full details on what changes were made.

When an administrator deploys a configuration on firewalls, the other administrators see that a deployment is in progress and who launched it.