Explanations on usage

Using the Sysprep tool in Windows Server 2019

If you need to use the Microsoft Sysprep tool on a workstation that runs in Windows Server 2019, we recommend that you apply a blank security policy beforehand to prevent a blue screen. Once you have restarted the workstation, you can apply the nominal security policy again.

Controlling access to files and copying files

When files are being copied on a network share, file access rules will not apply if the source and destination files are in the same share. However, they will apply when a share is copied to the local host, or shared on another share.

Compatibility with Windows Smart Application Control protection

From version 2.4 onwards, SES Evolution is compatible with Smart Application Control protection, which is available with a fresh Windows 11 22H2 installation (disabled by default). However, when the agent is installed, informational warning messages will be generated regarding drivers that the agent runs.

SES Evolution online help

The version of the online help accessible from the administration console is always the latest available version, regardless of the console version installed.


On a console from version 2.4, the challenge mechanism cannot be used with agents in version 2.3.x and below.

Protection against WMI Persistence

Advanced protection against WMI persistence is incompatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows 10 LTSB 2015 operating system. Even if it is enabled, it will not run on this operating system. However, this incompatibility does not prevent the SES Evolution agent from functioning normally.

SES Evolution installation

If a Windows update is in progress during a full installation of SES Evolution server or of the backend component, the installation will fail. It is recommended to disable Windows update before installing SES Evolution, and to enable it again afterwards.

Bluetooth Low Energy devices

The SES Evolution agent does not filter Bluetooth Low Energy devices; only standard Bluetooth devices are recognized.