SES Evolution 2.3.1 fixes

Installation center

Lowest SQL Server version

The Installation center now refuses to install or update SES Evolution if your version of SQL Server is lower than the minimum version required, i.e., SQL Server 2017 Cumulative Update 25 (14.0.3401.7).

Administration console

Connecting with the backend

Support reference: 194069CW

The configuration of the administration console has been modified to keep and reuse TCP connections as much as possible. This somewhat reduces network traffic and latency on the console.


SES Evolution agents

Agent interface display

The commands EsGui.exe and EsGui.exe /ShowPanel now correctly display the agent's interface, even when it has already been launched but is not visible.


Agent export file

Support reference: 167578PW

The process of exporting information about agents in a .csv file has been improved in the administration console:

  • The file contains column titles to make reading easier,

  • The columns in the .csv file correspond to the information that can be seen in the list of agents in the administration console,

  • The type of separator can be selected (comma, semicolon or tab).

Security policies

Protection against privilege escalation

Support reference: 192169CW

The mechanism that protects against privilege escalation no longer generates logs when a user without administration privileges attempts to uninstall an application.

Rule set version

After a deployment, a rule set always shows which version of the set was deployed. However, in "edit" mode, rule sets that have been configured to Always use latest version now keep this setting and no longer show the version deployed.

Agent logs

Application filter

Support reference: 189842CW

The Application filter in agent logs has been split into two filters: Application and Target application, to differentiate applications that performed an action from those on which the action was applied.

Getting agent logs

Support reference: 193939CW

Requests to get agent logs have been improved to shorten the display time in the administration console.

Adding an exception for a log triggered by a file access rule

Support reference: 197182CW

Creating an exception rule from some logs triggered by a rule controlling access to files no longer causes error while applying the security policy after a new deployment on agents.


USB storage devices

Display in the administration console

Support references: 192880CW - 193078CW

When a USB device is plugged into an agent and its enrollment fails, it now appears in the SES Evolution administration console. Its trust level is 0.

Logs relating to USB devices

Support reference: 183857CW

When information about the name of the vendor and the name of the product is missing, it no longer appears with the value <NULL> in SES Evolution. It has since been replaced with the vendor ID and product ID.