SES Evolution 2.2.3 fixes

Compatibility with third-party products

Compatibility with Windows Sandbox

Support reference: 192983CW

A compatibility issue between SES Evolution and Windows Sandbox that occasionally caused a blue screen of death (BSOD) has been fixed.


Reduced severity

Support reference: 189040CW

SES Evolution generates logs whenever backoffice components access a known registry key to allow DLL injection. The severity of such logs has been lowered from “Notice” to “Informational” level.

Agent update or repair

Support reference: 168746PW

In the agent’s interface, the log indicating that an agent update or repair was successfully completed has been changed to inform the user that the agent must be restarted to finalize the operation.

SES Evolution agents

Workstation at startup

Support reference: 191475CW

The SES Evolution processes EsaRulesEngDrv and EsaKrnlCtrlDrv no longer cause a blue screen of death (BSOD) when some workstations start running.

Edition of the agent ID

The EsSetup.exe executable file now accepts the “/newagentid” or “-newagentid” option as a way to abandon the unique ID of the agent that is already installed. A new unique ID will then be assigned to the agent when it retrieves a new communication certificate from an agent handler.

Agent update

In some cases, the workstation may take longer to start up. The execution of the agent’s various services has been optimized to shorten the wait.

Downgrading to an older version

To allow downgrades to an older version of the agent when issues occur, changes have been made in version 2.2.3 so that downgrading remains possible from future versions of SES Evolution.

Unblocking the agent

Support reference: 192599CW

The self-protection system on agents has been improved so that agents that are not connected and have a highly restrictive security policy can be unblocked.

USB devices

Viewing USB devices in the console

Support reference: 193035CW

Whenever a USB device was manually deleted from the administration console but not unplugged from the workstation, the device would continue to appear in the list when the user unplugged the device. This issue has been fixed.

USB devices deleted from the console will appear in the console once again the next time they are inserted.