SES Evolution 2.1 bug fixes


In the Installation Center, Minimum installation has been renamed Demo installation to indicate that it must not be used in a production environment, only for testing or demos. Advanced installation has been renamed Standard installation.

Support references: SESNG-6898

The Installation Center no longer shuts down unexpectedly when the SQL user is unknown. A clear message now informs the user of the issue.

Support references: 182618CW

The language of the Installation Center is now the same as the language of the operating system when it is either French, English, Spanish or German. The Installation Center appears in English for operating systems in other languages.

SES Evolution Agent

Support references: 183130CW

In some cases during startup, the SES Evolution agent would wrongly detect an integrity issue, which would then require a restart. This issue has been fixed.

Support references: SESNG-7184

A compatibility issue between the SES Evolution and the CCleaner application has been fixed.

Support references: SESNG-5426

A blue screen (BSOD) would sometimes occur when the host switched to standby mode. This issue has been fixed.

Security rules


Support references: 181886CW

Exception rules can now be created from logs containing UNC paths.

Support references: 182180CW

Rules can now be copied/pasted or cut/pasted within the same rule set.

Support references: SESNG-5365

Process hollowing protection has been improved.

Support references: SESNG-7226

Privilege escalation rules in an audit rule set no longer prevent the evaluation of rules found in the rule sets that follow.

Support references: SESNG-5295

The Detect only action is no longer offered in keylogging protection rules. It was made redundant with the Passive rule mode.

Support references: SESNG-5370

All file access originating from the network can now be blocked using file access control rules.

Support references: SESNG-6878

A message now appears if you create an identifier with a path that ends in one or several space characters.


Support references: 182073CW

In the administration console, the attack chart now displays correctly when it contains WiFi logs.

Support references: SESNG-6372

Filters that exclude agent logs did not always function in the administration console. This issue has been fixed.

Support references: 183960CW

After users are deleted, they no longer appear in the list of users when logs are edited.

Device control

Support references: SESNG-5580

Occasionally, the agent would not display an authorization message when a USB device was plugged in, even though the USB device access control rule required it. This issue has been fixed.


Support references: SESNG-5780

When the SES Evolution environment contains several agent handlers, their status is now correctly displayed in the administration console’s dashboard.

Agent management

Support references: SESNG-5505

Agent groups can no longer be created with invalid parameters.

Support references: SESNG-6910

The status of stopped agents now displays correctly in the Agents page of the administration console.

Support references: SESNG-7391

The Windows 10 21H1 operating system now displays correctly in the Agents page of the administration console.

Compatibility with other firewalls

Support references: SESNG-5309

Compatibility with other firewalls has been enhanced.