SES Evolution 2.1.1 fixes


Support references: SESNG-7486

You can now launch an update a second time via the Installation Center if it was canceled the previous time.

Support references: SESNG-7842

The Installation Center now correctly verifies the backend component password.

Stormshield default policy

Support references: SESNG-7714

When keylogging protection is enabled, KeePass Password Safe is no longer prevented from automatically entering passwords

Support references: SESNG-7865

Wi-Fi rules that were initially in the Protection baseline rule set have been outsourced to an independent rule set that is not included by default in policies. In this way, the software security policy can be kept separate from the hardware component usage policy. In addition, Wi-Fi and general device rules no longer generate incidents systematically.

Support references: SESNG-8105

By adding a new root certificate that Google Chrome uses, the browser can be started again when a user clicks on a hypertext link in an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.

Support references: SESNG-8399

The SQL Server VSS Writer identification mode has been changed. Now it no longer freezes when it writes information to the Shadow Copies registry.

Support references: SESNG-8444

Microsoft Office applications that write .js extension files no longer raise alarms.

To reduce the occurrence of false positives, some heuristic rules that detect password-stealing malware were removed from the policy, and two Microsoft programs known to access raw volumes were added to the policy.

Rule sets

Support references: SESNG-8335

Links to policies in the panel of a rule set are now kept when the Update all action is used.

Protection rules

Support references: SESNG-8345

In file rules or application identifiers, file paths containing errors could previously be entered. These are now verified.

OSSEC rules

Support references: SESNG-8345

Some of the file paths that must be monitored in OSSEC rules prevented the policy from being applied. This issue has been fixed.


Support references: 183722CW

Rules created when an exception is added from a log are now configured correctly.

Support references: 167478PW

SES Evolution no longer generates errors when there is a large volume of context logs.

SES Evolution agent

Support references: 184781CW

When events are exported in the SES Evolution agent interface, a list of technical errors is no longer displayed.