SES Evolution 2.0.2 fixes

SES Evolution upgrade

New version of policies

When SES Evolution is updated, Stormshield security policies are now updated as well.

Open administration console

The Force update button can now be used in the Installation Center to continue with an update even when an administration console is still open.

Error while updating the administration console

Updating the administration console no longer causes a recurring error in the logs of the backend component. The log is now generated at one go.

Updating the SES Evolution agent

After the SES Evolution agent was updated, it would occasionally prevent some processes from launching. This issue has been fixed.

Security Policies

Importing and exporting rule sets

Rule sets can now be exported and imported again into another SES Evolution environment in the same version.

Application identifiers

Using recursive identifiers and certificates together within the same security rule to identify an application would sometimes cause a blue screen. This issue has been fixed.

SES Evolution default policy

The default policy now includes compatibility with the Hardening mode in Panda Adaptive Defense 360. SES Evolution hides process hollowing operations when Panda causes them for legitimate reasons.

The audit rule set in the default policy was modified to restrict logs that are not relevant to security administrators. This reduces the number of logs displayed and the amount of system CPU that SES Evolution uses.

SES Evolution Agent

Support references: 178084CW - 180244CW

Under certain conditions, SES Evolution agents would send status information that would be misinterpreted by the agent handler. In such cases, the information displayed on the Agents panel of the administration console could be incorrect. Various other issues could also occur, such as the administrator being unable to respond to challenges. This issue has been fixed.

Agents waiting to be restarted after features are changed are now displayed correctly in the dashboard of the administration console.

Removable devices

Support references: 180798CW - 164622PW

Using FTDI Chip products no longer causes a blue screen. Overall compatibility with devices has been enhanced.