SES Evolution 2.0.1 fixes

Installing SES Evolution

Password fields

In the Installation Center, the password and confirm password fields are now always correctly verified.

License validity

In the Installation Center, the format and validity of the license are verified as soon as the license file is selected, instead of at the end of the installation.

Security Policies

Support reference: 177214CW

Network access

Some types of network access were not filtered by application protections because they were initiated by the system. They can now be blocked. This option makes it possible to block remote access to shared folders located on workstations that are protected by the SES Evolution agent.

If you upgrade SES Evolution to version 2.0.1, the default policy is not updated. You can download the corresponding rule set from your dedicated MyStormshield area to add network access permissions for system processes. For more information, refer to the Stormshield Knowledge base.

Network IDs

The Invert identifier scope option is now correctly saved in the network ID editing window.

Audit rules on drivers

Specific behavior in the Driver loading and Driver integrity protection rules is now correctly applied. These rules no longer generate unjustified logs for allowed drivers.


Searching in agent logs

In the administration console, the maximum duration of an agent log search has been increased from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. A message now appears when the search exceeds this duration.

Displaying incidents

When an incident is opened, only alert logs are now displayed, up to a maximum of 1000 logs. The remaining logs are loaded when the attack chart is consulted, up to a maximum of 100000 logs. This makes it possible to build an attack chart with comprehensive logs.

SES Evolution Agent

Lengthy logs

Lengthy logs no longer cause the graphical interface of the SES Evolution agent to unexpectedly shut down.

Self-protection rules

Self-protection rules on some registry keys of SES Evolution agents were not correctly applied. This issue has been fixed.


Windows 10 agents

The Agents panel in the administration console now displays the correct version of the operating system for Windows 10 agents.