Understanding built-in rule sets

Stormshield provides a series of rule sets built into the console. Some are already contained in the built-in security policies. You can also use them in your own custom policies. For more information, refer to the section Creating a security policy.

To view built-in SES Evolution rule sets, select the Security > Policies menu and click on View shared rule sets. Built-in rule sets are those that have the prefix Stormshield - .

Other rule sets that Stormshield provides are not built into the console and can be downloaded from your MyStormshield personal area, or from the Stormshield download server.

Rule sets are regularly updated. You will find the Release notes regarding these rule sets, which contain their descriptions, in your Mystormshield personal area and from the panel in which updates can be downloaded.

In addition, new rule sets are regularly added on the Stormshield update server and also published on the MyStormshield download area.

The sequence of rule sets in a policy matters. For more information, refer to Organizing rules and rule sets in a policy.

Built-in rule sets can neither be modified nor deleted.