Pre-declaring USB devices

When USB devices are pre-declared, they will be easier to identify. When they are connected to an SES Evolution agent, they will be enrolled - the agent will recognize these devices and automatically grant them the predefined trust level. For example, you can pre-declare devices distributed to coworkers in order to automatically assign trust level 1 to them the first time they connect to an SES Evolution agent.

For security reasons, SES Evolution does not enroll connected USB devices in the following cases:

  • If the user session on the agent is locked or signed out,

  • If the agent is remotely controlled through a remote desktop connection,

  • If the device was already connected when the agent started running.

To enable the enrollment of a device, it must be inserted after the user session is opened on the physical workstation.

To pre-declare USB devices:

  1. Select the Devices menu.
  2. Click on Add.
  3. Specify the Vendor and Product IDs of the device.
  4. Enter its Serial number and a Description if you wish to (optional).

    To find out these identifiers or the serial numbers of devices, look up the Windows device manager when the device in question is plugged in or use the dedicated utilities.
  5. Choose the Trust level that will automatically be assigned to this device when it is connected to an SES Evolution agent: Trust level 0 or 1.
  6. Click on OK.
    A line corresponding to this new device appears in the Devices panel. You will see only the information that you have specified.
  7. To send information about pre-declared devices to agents, select the Environment menu and click on Deploy.
    When the device is connected to an SES Evolution agent, it will be identified and information found in the Devices panel will be filled in.