Managing USB storage devices

With SES Evolution, USB storage devices such as external hard disks and USB keys can be monitored. In this section, the term USB device is used to refer to such devices.

Whenever a USB storage device is connected to an SES Evolution agent, a log is generated and appears in the Devices panel in the administration console if detection options have been enabled in the agent's group. In this panel, you will be able to view all USB devices that were plugged into your appliance pool and find out their level of trust. You can also modify the level of trust of various devices and manually pre-declare devices.

SES Evolution does not support USB devices that contain several partitions. Even though such devices appear in the list of devices, the information regarding them is inaccurate.

Some operations on devices can be automated for an agent group. For further information, refer to the section Detecting and configuring the trust level on devices

Depending on whether you want to make changes or only view the Devices panel, you must have the Removable devices-Modify or Removable devices-Display privilege.