Managing SES Evolution agents

The SES Evolution agent is installed on all workstations to detect and protect against malicious attacks. As for the SES Evolution agent handler, it provides the security policy and applies the corresponding protections. Agents send their status and event logs to the agent handler as soon as these events occur, allowing you to track the status of your pool from the administration console.

The agent connects periodically to the agent handlers in the handler group assigned to it, with priority given to the last handler that accepted its request. If the connection fails, the agent will randomly choose another handler from the group until its request is accepted.

When the agent is not connected to a network or if none of its default or backup agent handlers can be accessed, it will run autonomously by applying the last known security policies.

The agent saves logs locally for the entire time it is disconnected from the network. When it reconnects, it sends its logs to the agent handler. Logs can also be exported to a .cab file and imported into the administration console to be read. For further information, refer to the section Viewing and managing agent logs in the administration console.