Disabling security rules

All security rules can be disabled individually. Once a rule is disabled, the SES Evolution agent ignores it, as it is no longer part of the security policy.

Disable a rule if you want to stop using it temporarily without deleting it, or if you want to test the behavior of the agent without this rule.

Some types of rules are disabled by default when a new rule set is created. If such rules were enabled in several rule sets, they may overload and cancel the effect of the configuration due to the order of the sets. This is the case for threats, Wi-Fi connections, temporary web access and general devices.

To disable a rule:

  1. Click on Edit in the upper banner.
  2. To the left of each rule, switch off . The rule will be grayed out.

Disabling a rule is different from enabling Passive rule mode. For more information on passive rules, refer to the section Understanding the difference between protection rule sets and audit rule sets.