Creating shared rule sets

Shared rule sets make it possible to pool rules for several policies.

If you want to use shared rule sets in your security policies, you can create them earlier, either separately or directly in a policy.

If you are running in pre-production and production environments, you can test a private rule set in a pre-production policy and change it to a shared set once you are sure that it is effective, so that it can be used in a production policy.

To create a shared rule set separately from a policy:

  1. Select the Policies menu.
  2. Click on View shared rule sets at the top right side of the panel.
  3. Click on Create. The Create a rule set window appears.
  4. Select the type of set and name it.
  5. Click on Create.
  6. You are now about to create the rules for your rule set. Click on the new rule set and click on Edit.
  7. Use the tabs Threats, Application, ACL resources, Networks and Devices to add security rules to your rule set. For further information on how to create rules, refer to the sections Managing vulnerability exploitation and Defining access control rules.
  8. Click on Save at the top right of the window to save changes.

Refer to Creating a security policy for details on how to use the rule set in a policy.