Creating scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks make it possible to automatically run scripts on agents at regular intervals and/or when a network event occurs.

  1. In the Scheduled tasks tab of an agent group, go to the section Scheduled tasks and click on Add a scheduled task.
  2. Enter a name for the task in the Run custom script window.
  1. To the right of the Script field, click on + to add the script to run.
  2. In the Arguments field, specify the arguments to add when the script is run.
  3. In the Run in list, choose Local service because this is an account with restricted privileges. Do not choose Interactive session or System accounts unless absolutely necessary.
  1. Under Triggers, select one or several events that will trigger the execution of the script:
    • Enable Every to launch the script at the regular interval that you specify.
    • Enable Network event to launch the script if the network interface does not stay the same on the workstation, e.g., if it is connected to a WiFi network, if it is a laptop plugged into a docking station, etc.
  2. Click on OK.

All scripts that were declared in SES Evolution appear in the Script list. Select an existing script and click on to view it or to import a new version of the script.