Connecting to the SES Evolution administration console

  1. Connect to your workstation using your Microsoft Windows domain account.
  2. Run the Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution administration console.
    You are now connected to the console with your Windows account.

    If the Windows account is not recognized or if the backend component cannot be reached, a connection window appears but the administration console does not open.

  3. To see which user is connected to the console, click on the gear wheel in the panel on the left, or scroll over the name of the user in the same panel.

    User connected to the console

To connect with an account other than the one for which the Windows session was opened, the executable file of the console can also be launched using the option Run as another user.

The administration console appears in the language of your operating system. To change the language of the interface, click on the gear wheel in the panel on the left and select the desired language from the drop-down list.