Stopping an agent

If some issues on an agent persist even though you enabled Maintenance mode, the agent may need to be stopped temporarily. Stopping the agent makes it possible to disable the protection applied by rules in the security policy in addition to self-protection rules.

To stop an agent using a challenge, ask the user to:

  1. Open the agent interface by double-clicking on in the taskbar.
  2. Go to to open the Help and support panel.
  3. Click on Request a challenge in the Helpdesk tab.
  4. Send you the challenge code generated.
  5. Keep the New challenge window open.

On your side:

  1. Open the Environment > Challenges menu in the console.
  2. Enter the challenge code.
  3. Select Stop agent.
  4. Select a duration.
  5. Click on Generate.
  6. Send the response code to the user.
  7. Ask the user to enter the response code in the New challenge window, then click on Start the challenge.

The user can stop the challenge in progress at any time in the lower banner in the agent’s interface.