Enabling Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode disables self-protection on the agent so that maintenance operations or tests can be conducted.

You can use this mode to change permissions on certain registry keys.

To enable this mode using a challenge, ask the user to:

  1. Open the agent interface by double-clicking on in the taskbar.
  2. Go to to open the Help and support panel.
  3. Click on Request a challenge in the Helpdesk tab.
  4. Send you the challenge code generated.
  5. Keep the New challenge window open.

On your side:

  1. Open the Environment > Challenges menu in the console.
  2. Enter the challenge code.
  3. Select Maintenance mode.
  4. Select a duration.
  5. Click on Generate.
  6. Send the response code to the user.
  7. Ask the user to enter the response code in the New challenge window, then click on Start the challenge.

The user can stop the challenge in progress at any time in the lower banner in the agent’s interface.

Maintenance mode can also be enabled in the Helpdesk tab in Help and support panel of the agent's interface. It must be enabled beforehand in the agent group configuration, and the user of the workstation must have administration privileges to enable this mode. For further information on disabling self-protection and Maintenance mode, refer to the section Understanding self-protection on agents and performing maintenance operations.