Installing Stormshield Data Connector

This chapter provides information on Stormshield Data Connector requirements and installation.

Required configuration

For information on the required configuration of Microsoft Windows systems, refer to the section Compatibility of the 11.0 Stormshield Data Security Release Notes.

For Windows Server operating systems, a specific Server license is required for Stormshield Data Security.

Installing Stormshield Data Connector

Stormshield Data Security installation is global. The shipped product includes all the components of the software suite. Install the applications and components you need, according to the rights provided by the license key.

In order to run a specific component in the Suite with Stormshield Data Connector, this component has to be installed on the administrator's and user's workstations. For example, if you wish to use cmdlets or APIs from the Stormshield Data File component, install the File component on the workstations.

The installation procedure is described in the Stormshield Data Security Installation and Implementation guide.


Exception in the event of a missing SDS component

If the Stormshield Data Security component corresponding to a cmdlet or an API has not been installed on the workstation, an exception will be raised. For example, if the Stormshield Data File component has not been installed, the Protect-SDSFile cmdlet will raise the following exception:

Protect-SDSFile : This cmdlet depends on the component Stormshield Data File which is not installed.
Protect-SDSFile c:\folder\document.docx
CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], ComponentNotInstalledException
FullyQualifiedErrorId : Stormshield.DataSecurity.Connector.PowerShell.ComponentNotInstalledException

If a .NET API is used, the same exception will be raised.

Loading the Stormshield Data Connector component

PowerShell automatically loads the Stormshield Data Connector component the first time the available cmdlets are used.

If this is not the case, the module has to be imported using the command:

Import-Module Stormshield.DataSecurity.Connector.PowerShell