Getting started

Stormshield Data Connector is a component that comes with Stormshield Data Security. It allows driving the other components of the Suite.

Stormshield Data Authority Manager cannot be driven by Stormshield Data Connector.

Stormshield Data Connector comprises:

  • The “Stormshield.DataSecurity.Connector.PowerShell” PowerShell module, which caters to administrators of IT environments who wish to run Stormshield Data Security through PowerShell scripts;
  • .NET APIs, which cater to developers who wish to embed Stormshield Data Security features into their own products.

The use of the Stormshield Data Connector component requires thorough knowledge of PowerShell programming and/or a .NET language such as C#.

The PowerShell module and .NET APIs run in the same way, and commands used in both cases are identical. A .NET API is called up in the same way a PowerShell cmdlet command is written.

In this user guide, we refer to cmdlets in the context of a PowerShell script and APIs in the context of a .NET program.