Updating folder security

A folder's security, i.e., the security rule that applies to it, can be updated at any time.

To apply a new rule or edit a rule on a folder:

  1. Close all the files in this folder.
  2. Right-click on the folder or the files to update, and select Stormshield Data Security > Secure according to defined rules.

The file update will be suspended if you lock or close your SDS Enterprise session or Windows session. This update automatically resumes when you reconnect to SDS Enterprise. This recovery is indicated by a tooltip.

A status window displays the list of files, and their current status. The final status shows one of the following results:



You are not an authorized co-worker

You are not allowed to access the file.

Access denied.

The file is protected by Windows security permissions, or the file is currently open in another program.

Process cancelled

You have stopped the current operation.