Securing folder content

Stormshield Data Team guarantees the automatic encryption of confidential files: the files are encrypted wherever they are, in real time and transparently.

Protection is provided according to security rules defined by folder: any file created or placed in a "secured folder" is automatically encrypted without any user interaction. The location, name and extension of the file remain unchanged.

Stormshield Data Team also makes it possible to share confidential data between several co-workers. The "safety rule" specified on the folder defines the co-workers authorized to read and modify the files stored in the folder. The non-revocation of a user is verified according to the defined security policy.

Stormshield Data Team can secure:

  • Removable media (USB stick) entirely or partially (one or more sub-folders),
  • A shared folder on a file server.

To automatically protect a local folder on the user's workstation or in a synchronized shared space, use Stormshield Data Share.

When a security rule is set on a folder, it is applied recursively to all its sub-folders. It is nevertheless possible to define a different rule on a well determined sub-folder. If no rule is applied to a file or folder with Stormshield Data Team, the file or folder is created and opened in clear text.

Once encrypted, a file can be read, modified or deleted only by a co-worker authorized by the security rule. All reading / writing and encryption / decryption for data are operated “on the fly” and in memory: no clear copy of the file is created.

The pop-up menus shown in Stormshield Data Team when the user right-clicks on a folder depend on the parameters selected in the SDMC administration console. For more information, refer to the section Configuring Stormshield Data Team in the Administration guide

Refer to the following sections on how to use Stormshield the Data Team feature.