Sending a secure message

Messages are secured only when they are sent. This means that drafts are not secured.

  1. Log in to SDS Enterprise.
  2. Write the message as you usually would using your e-mail software.
    Use HTML format to write messages. Stormshield Data Mail does not support rich text format (RTF) as it may cause information loss.
  3. If you wish to sign the message, in the Security area in the Message tab, click on . E-mail signatures in PGP format are not supported.
    - or -
    If you wish to encrypt the message, in the Security area in the Message tab, click on .

    The lower banner Stormshield Data Security appears in the message window and displays the security options you selected.
  4. In the lower banner, click on Edit... to select the format in which secured messages will be sent – S/MIME or PGP. This option is only available if PGP was configured in the policy. For more information, refer to the SDS Enterprise administration guide, under the sections Configuring StormshieldData Mail and Configuring corporate directories.
  5. Click on Send.

Your sent message is stored in your folder (Sent items by default), secured with the security options you have selected. If you have selected encryption, the message is automatically encrypted with your own public key. It will be decrypted when you open it.

Editing a secured message directly in the outbox is not supported.