Securing e-mails

Stormshield Data Mail is an extension that can be integrated with your Outlook mail client to add the following security features to your messages:

  • Confidentiality: only intended recipients can read sent messages. Confidentiality is guaranteed through the encryption of the message.
  • Integrity: messages cannot be modified during transfer without changes being detected.
  • Sender authentication: message recipients can be sure of the identity of the sender.

    The integrity of the message and the authentication of the sender are guaranteed through a digital signature.

Secure messages are saved in this form in your message database.

Stormshield Data Mail uses the S/MIME V3 standard: you can exchange secure messages with recipients who use messaging software that supports the S/MIME V2 or V3 standard.

Stormshield Data Mail cannot be added to native security functions in Outlook. Messages with double security measures cannot be read by recipients.

Stormshield Data Mail is available as an add-in on Microsoft Outlook 2019 and 365 Professional mail clients.

It is compatible with the following e-mail servers:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1/SP2/SP3

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 SP1

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 365

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

For more information on how to configure Stormshield Data Mail in SDMC, .refer to the SDS Enterprise Administration guide.

Refer to the following sections on how to use Stormshield Data Mail.