Known limitations

The following table lists the known limitations on Stormshield Data Team:




NFS-type partitions are not supported.


A folder available off line cannot be encrypted.

Samba + DFS

A Samba file share defined as a DFS root cannot be secured.

Versions \ Shadow Copy management

This volume backup system, which is used for version management in Windows Explorer, is not supported by Stormshield Data Team.

Sharing a local secured directory

Stormshield Data Team does not allow encrypted folders to be shared locally.

Connection to the remote desktop In remote desktop connection, displaying the Team properties of a secure file in a secure folder on a USB drive via the contextual menu (Stormshield Data Security > Properties) generates an error.
Synchronized shared spaces

Stormshield Data Team cannot secure synchronized shared spaces such as SharePoint, Dropbox, Office 365, etc. We recommend that you exclude these directories from the folders analyzed by Stormshield Data Team. Directories can be excluded by using the excludedFolders parameter in the security policy's .json file. For more information, see section Stormshield Data Team in the Advanced configuration guide.

To secure synchronized shared spaces, refer to Automatically protecting folders.