Securing files

Stormshield Data File makes it possible to guarantee the confidentiality of the data that your users process every day. It provides the following security features:

  • Confidentiality of files: only authorized users may access the content of encrypted files,
  • Automatic encryption and decryption, based on user-defined event triggers,
  • Safe and permanent deletion of the original plaintext file after encryption, leaving no recoverable trace of the original file on the hard disk.

In addition to encryption, Stormshield Data File makes it possible to compress files before encrypting them.

Stormshield Data File offers several complementary file protection methods:

  • Files can be encrypted by users themselves or for a recipient group by using public keys. Recipients can decrypt the files using their private keys.
  • Files can also be encrypted in order to be self-decryptable using the SmartFILE format.

For more information on how to configure Stormshield Data File in SDMC, .refer to the SDS Enterprise Administration guide.

Refer to the following sections on how to use Stormshield Data File.