Decrypting files

Files contained in a secure folder cannot be decrypted. However, in the following cases, encrypted files can be in a non-secure folder and may need to be decrypted:

  • After a folder has been decrypted (such as described in the previous section) but files inside have not been decrypted. This is the case when the administrator answered No to the question Are you sure you want to remove security of this folder, and save all your files unencrypted?.
  • After a file has been saved with the Stormshield Data Security menu.

To decrypt a file or a group of files:

  1. Select them in the explorer.
  2. Right-click and select: Stormshield Data Security, then Advanced and then Remove security.

A status window will then display the list of decrypted files.

At the end of the operation, the folder will be accessible without restrictions, and all the files it contains will be saved in plaintext.