Removing security on a folder

To remove security on a folder and decrypt the files that it contains:

  1. Right-click on the secure folder, then select the Stormshield Data Security menus and Properties.

    The properties page indicates the secure state of the folder, the co-workers allowed to access the folder and the users allowed to modify the security options (rule owners).

  2. Click on Do not secure this folder and then OK.

    Only rule owners are allowed to delete a rule.

  3. The following window will ask you to confirm the operation. Select Yes to proceed.
  4. A progress bar shows the decryption of the files being processed.

    If some files have not been decrypted (for example, because access was denied), they are listed in the Details section.

  5. Click on Close. The security rule has been deleted and the files contained in the folder are now in plaintext.