Decrypting a file or a group of files

To decrypt a file, the user must be equipped with Stormshield Data File or Security BOX SmartFile. However, if SDS Enterprise can decrypt files in SDS Enterprise or Security BOX SmartFile format, Security BOX SmartFile, Security BOX SmartFile can only decrypt files intended for it.

Files with .sdsx or .sbox file extensions can be simultaneously selected and will be processed in the same way.

If users select a folder, Stormshield Data File will decrypt only the files that the user has previously encrypted or the encrypted files which had been sent to them.

To decrypt an entire folder:

  • Select the folder, then select Stormshield Data Security > Remove protection in the pop-up menu:

To decrypt one or several encrypted files:

  1. Select the files, right-click and select Stormshield Data Security > Remove protection.

    An encryption progress window will appear, and will show a summary of the operations conducted.

  2. To automatically close the window at the end of a successful decryption, check Close the window automatically. This option will be kept for any additional decryption to complete. However, this selection will be ignored if errors occur during the decryption process.