Parameter Description

Enables or disables the possibility of choosing the target directory in which the file will be encrypted. Allowed values are:

  • 0: Disabled (default value),
  • 1: Enabled.

If the feature is disabled, the next three parameters will not be applied and the default behavior will be adopted.


Configures a list of executable files for which SDS Enterprise must monitor open directories in which FILE files are decrypted. If this parameter is not present, the feature will be enabled for all caller executable files. The syntax is as follows:

ExeToCheck = name_exe_1 [, name_exe_n]


Specifies the path of the directory where the FILE file will be decrypted then opened. The syntax is as follows:

ExeTargetDirectory = path

where path is the target directory path. This path can contain tags or Microsoft Windows environment variables between < >. These tags can be:

  • COMMON_APPDATA: Folder containing application data for all users, C:\Program Data.
  • COMMON_DOCUMENTS: Folder containing the common files for all users, C:\Users\Public\Documents.
  • USERNAME: Windows username.
  • LOCAL_APPDATA: Folder containing the data of local applications, C:\Users\username\AppData\Local.
  • DESKTOP: Folder containing files on the desktop, C:\Users\username\Desktop.
  • PROFILE: Folder of the user's profile, C:\Users\username.
  • %ENV% where ENV is a system environment variable.

Examples: [FILE] ExeTargetDirectory=c:\User ExeTargetDirectory=<%TMP%>

The format must follow the Windows requirements: C:\xxxx\.
This path must not be placed between quotes.


Specifies whether the file can be overwritten. This requirement may arise when several users open the same file at the same time. Allowed values are:

  • 0: overwriting is disabled. If a file with the same name as the encrypted and/or decrypted file already exists in the target directory, the decryption operation will fail.

  • 1: overwriting is enabled (default value). If a file with the same name as the encrypted and/or decrypted file already exists in the target directory, it will be silently overwritten.


Allows cross-encryption with a decryption key. Allowed values are:

  • 0: default value. Cross-encryption with a decryption key not allowed,
  • 1: cross-encryption with a decryption key allowed.