Working offline

SDS Enterprise verifies the physical connection to the local corporate network.

When the user is connected to the network (online), every time the user searches the LDAP directory for a certificate, certificates found as a result of the search are saved in a local temporary file (cache).

When the user is disconnected from the network (offline), SDS Enterprise detects that the network is missing and searches for certificates in this local cache.

This mechanism makes it possible to encrypt files and e-mails sent to your coworkers even when the user is disconnected from the corporate network, as long as each coworker's certificate has been previously used at least once.

Certificate revocation lists are also downloaded online and cached locally in a file that the user can consult even offline.

SDS Enterprise makes it possible to force offline mode if necessary, for example if there are local network problems. To do so:

  1. Right-click on the SDS Enterprise icon in the task bar.
  2. Select Network access > Work offline.
  3. Unselect Network access > Reconnect automatically.
  4. When you re-enable Reconnect automatically, SDS Enterprise automatically detects the network connection and switches back to online mode.