Displaying certificates

To display a certificate, double-click on it or select it from the list and click on the Properties button.

The General tab displays a summary of the certificate’s contents:

  • The name and e-mail address of the holder,
  • Comments that you can update as required (they are not part of the certificate),
  • The name of the certification authority,
  • The origin of the certificate (trusted address book, LDAP, e-mail),
  • The state after a verification check. If needed, a message indicates the error or warning.

From this window, you can also export the certificate, using the Save as button.

The Detail tab displays the contents of the certificate.

For information on the various fields displayed, see the X.509 v3 standards, or the RFC 3280.

If an error or warning appears, the same explanation message will appear in this window immediately after the first line.

The Trust Chain tab rebuilds and displays the certification chain, and shows the results of checks carried out on the chain.

Only the trusted address book will be queried if you search for certificates involved in this trust chain. No LDAP searches are performed for this chain.

You can click on certificates in the chain to see their contents.