Configuring Stormshield Data Shredder

Stormshield Data Shredder guarantees the permanent, irreversible erasure of data that you wish to delete. With it, third parties will not be able to recover, without your knowledge, information that you thought had been deleted.

For more information, refer to Permanently deleting files in the SDS Enterprise Advanced user guide.

To configure the permanent deletion of files:

  • Go to Policies > Features > Shredder, and enable the settings of your choice.


Enable or disable the shredding of files and/or folders.

Drag and drop

Enable or disable the possibility of dragging and dropping files and folders on the Stormshield Data Shredder icon on the Windows desktop.

  • Allow or prohibit the interruption of a shredding operation. If interruptions are allowed, the user can click on Stop.

  • Allow or prohibit the use of Stormshield Data Shredder to securely empty the bin. If the option is enabled, the ‎‎Securely empty the bin pop-up menu will appear on the Shredder icon.

Confirmation request

If the erasure request applies to several files, select the type of confirmation that you wish:

  • Confirm only once for all files: the confirmation applies to all files.

  • Confirm for each file: the confirmation applies to Individual files. During the operation, the user can still unselect the checkbox Request confirmation for each file to stop confirmation requests for the following files.

Access to Stormshield Data Shredder in Windows

Choose whether to add a Stormshield Data Shredder shortcut to the Windows desktop. The shortcut makes it possible to erase files by dragging and dropping them on the desktop icon.