Configuring policy distribution points

In the Policies > Distribution menu, indicate one or several distribution points for each security policy. These points contain the update files of policies.

When the workstation starts up, the Stormshield Data Security Enterprise agent will check the list of distribution points in the order you have set. It will apply the first valid policy that it detects; this policy must be accessible, signed and more recent than the current policy.

To configure distribution points:

  1. In the Full path to the policy file field, enter the full path to the .jwt policy file of your choice. The path must begin with one of the following prefixes:

    Prefix Examples



  2. Click on + to add the path to the list. The button is disabled if the path already exists or if the prefix is wrong.

  3. Repeat the operation for every distribution point to declare.

  4. Drag and drop items to change the sequence of distribution points whenever necessary. SDS Enterprise agents will analyze the distribution points in the order of their appearance in the list.

Once you have declared the distribution points, you must provide the policy update files so that they will be deployed on the SDS Enterprise agents. For further information, refer to the section Updating the policy on SDS Enterprise agents.