Configuring Stormshield Data Disk

With Stormshield Data Disk, virtual encrypted volumes can be created, on which users can securely store confidential data. The disk owner can choose whether to allow co-workers to access their encrypted disk.

For more information, refer to Creating secure virtual volumes in the SDS Enterprise Advanced user guide.

To configure the creation of encrypted virtual volumes:

  • Go to Policies > Features > Disk, and enable the settings of your choice.

Mount volumes as non removable disks Depending on your infrastructure, choose whether to mount volumes as virtual or removable disks.
Maximum size allowed

Specify in MB the maximum size that the volume can occupy. Enter a size larger than 1MB.

File system Choose the type of file system: NTFS, FAT32 or FAT.
Volume name

Keep the name of the default volume displayed in Windows Explorer or customize the name.

Automatic volume creation

  • Select Create a volume automatically if you want a volume to be created the first time the user logs in to SDS Enterprise. You can choose to display a report after the volume is created.

  • Enter the full path to the file associated with the virtual volume, and in which the user's confidential data will be stored. The file must have a .vbox extension.
    Windows environment variables can be used in the path to the file (e.g., %PATH%), as well as Windows CSIDL values, and the SDS Enterprise passwords below between <>:

    <UserId>: The user’s SDS Enterprise identifier,
    <RootPath1>: Main folder of user accounts, specified in the policy,
    <RootPath2>: Backup folder of user accounts, specified in the policy.
    <COMMON_APPDATA>: Folder containing application data for all users, C:\Program Data.

    <COMMON_DOCUMENTS>: Folder containing the common files for all users, C:\Users\Public\Documents.
    <DESKTOP>: Folder containing files on the desktop, C:\Users\username\Desktop.
    <LOCAL_APPDATA>: Folder containing the data of local applications, C:\Users\username\AppData\Local.
    <MYDOCUMENTS>: Folder containing the user's files, C:\Users\username\Documents.
    <PROFILE>: Folder of the user's profile, C:\Users\username.
    <USERNAME>: Windows username.

  • Specify the size of the volume created automatically. By default, the volume size will be 10% of the disk space available on the user workstation.

  • Enable or disable automatic mounting of the volume when the user logs in to SDS Enterprise.

  • Select the Drive letter associated with the volume (Z: by default).


For more information on the advanced use of the Disk feature on the SDS Enterprise agent, refer to the section Stormshield Data Virtual Disk.